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Bidjigal Reserve Trust

ABN: 53 672 450 194

PO BOX 382

Baulkham Hills NSW 1755

Ph: 0401 181 170

Email: secretary@bidjigal.org.au


A place of rugged natural beauty,

full of hidden treasures;

a time capsule of ancient eco systems, aboriginal shelters,

and colonial history:

Bidjigal Reserve has much to offer us -

for those who walk its tracks every day, to those who enjoy a view of its green expanse while driving by.

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The Bidjigal Reserve Trust (BRT) manages the 186 ha (approx. 460 acres) of Bidjigal Reserve. Adjacent areas of bushland are managed by The Hills Shire Council (THSC) and the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), or are owned privately.

How and why were Bidjigal Reserve and the Bidjigal Reserve Trust created?

A Native Title Claim made in 1994 led to a Deed of Agreement in December 2003 which established the Reserve as a Crown Reserve managed by a Trust, and dedicated it for the following purposes:

The composition of the Trust and the Board to administer it was also set out in the Deed of Agreement. In March 2005 the BRT Board met for the first time.

Who are the people on the Trust Board and where do they come from?

All of the members of the current board are volunteers. The Trust board has two kinds of members. These are:

What does the Trust Board Do?

The Board manages the Trust and therefore has obligations such as control of noxious weeds and feral animals, public safety and managing bushfire risk in the Reserve. The Board also supports a guided walks program and is working on other projects to enhance the reserve experience for its visitors.

Board members spend time liaising with consultants, contractors, and staff of agencies such as Sydney Water, the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and THSC. In addition to this, Board members engage with other stakeholders and neighbours from time to time about specific issues.

How is Management of the Reserve Funded?

The Board receives no recurrent funding and has limited income generating opportunities. In order to carry out works in the reserve, members of the Board apply for funding through various grants, and manage any successful grants. The former Land and Property Management Authority (now the Crown Lands Division of Dept of Primary Industries). The Sydney Metro Catchment Management Authority (SMCMA), THSC and the RFS have all, in the recent past, made available funding or resources.

How can you help?

Ongoing support from the community and the diverse contributions of volunteers are vital for any Crown Reserve Trust with a community Board.

Check this website regularly for information about the Reserve, volunteering, and upcoming events.

Contact the Bidjigal Reserve Trust: Post PO Box 382, Baulkham Hills NSW 1755

email secretary@bidjigal.org.au or phone 0487 782 808.

Find out more about Crown Reserves and their Trusts, including application forms for Trustees at the Crown Lands website www.crownland.nsw.gov.au .